BDD: Using JBehave with Maven and Gradle

I’m studying Behaviour-Driven Development and evaluating some BDD frameworks for Java. The first one was JBehave.

Behave, baby!

I first made a small project, a simple calculator to multiply and divide numbers. The project uses Maven to download the dependencies and run my tests. I got it running and then I ported the same project to run using Gradle.

My conclusions are:

  • I’m a little bit used to practice TDD with JUnit. Practice BDD with JBehave required some work to get my tests running. JBehave is not so trivial as JUnit and requires some configuration.
  • After you get this first part of the work done and write one or two tests, you start to get more and more used to write tests in the story form.
  • Gradle has a better learning curve than Maven and is easier to configure.

I must be using BDD at work in the next months, but I don’t know yet if I will use BDD instead of TDD in my personal projects, since TDD seems to be more practical to me until now.

If you want to analyse my small project, it’s available at GitHub in Maven and Gradle formats.

5 thoughts on “BDD: Using JBehave with Maven and Gradle”

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