Sometimes it happens: I’m programming but I must stop and go to sleep. Some new feature is working, but needs some better code or error handling. So I put that ugly TODO there.

This kind of comment generates technical debt, and it’s good to track them. Because of that I wrote my first sbt plugin: sbt-findtags.

Until now, sbt-findtags has a small, but useful set of features:

  • Allow you to specify which tags you wanna search in your source code (the default tags are TODO and FIXME)
  • Generate a text report showing where the found tags are (file and line number)
  • Don’t want tags in your precious source code? You can make the build break if they are found.

Instructions about how to add sbt-findtags to your Scala project can be found in the file. Contributions and suggestions are welcome.

13 thoughts on “sbt-findtags”

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  2. The way that you fined the tags is having the good way of the approach according to that you are getting the positive results. The proper planning is having value for us especially for those performance about that we are never know.

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