Haiku OS R1 alpha 2

I’ve been reading about Haiku OS for some years. Haiku is an operating system inspired by the extinct BeOS, and for me it’s like an Unix clone with a good and clean interface, like Mac OS, but free.

Some months ago its developers released their first alpha, that I’ve already talked about and shown some screenshots. Some days ago they released a new version, Haiku R1 alpha 2. The interface is even better than before and the new features are great. My favourite one is WebPositive, a WebKit-based browser:


I maximised the WebPositive window and its menubar became like a Mac OS apllication menubar:

WebPositive's menubar

Something I didn’t notice in the latest release: Haiku has support for desktop applets. And OpenGL support is already there too:

Haiku Desktop

Upgrading packages built from AUR

Some Arch Linux users, like me, are used to build packages from AUR. After some time they become out-of-date and it’s a hard work to upgrade them.

But yaourt comes to save us, with a single line:

[code]yaourt -Su –aur[/code]

It upgrades all packages that aren’t in Arch Linux official repositories. And you can see its friendly output below:


Windows 95: someone still loves you

Or at least uses you.

I use StatPress to get statistics of the last readers of this blog. One of the informations I have access to are the operating systems that the last visitors were using. And how surprising it was to discover that I still have a visitor that was using Windows 95:

I really hope this person is using some extension to change his/her browser’s user agent header or just woke up from a sleep of 10 years or more.

Fixing problem with Subclipse and svn+ssh repositories

I was trying to synchronise a Java project with a SVN repository that runs over a SSH tunnel. It was working right in the command line, but in Subclipse it was showing a “network connection closed unexpectedly” error.

It was fixed changing the SVN interface from JavaHL to SVNKit in Eclipse preferences (click to zoom):

Changing SVN interface in Eclipse

Open Sonic

I was looking for some good games for Linux a few days ago and I found an incredible one: Open Sonic. It’s a free, open-source game featuring Sonic The Hedgehog (don’t tell Sega about this) and it’s available for Linux, Mac and Windows. And it’s very, very fun, just like the old Sonic games for Master System and Genesis I used to play fifteen years ago. I’m getting old.

The game is still under development (only two levels until now), but it’s a good game anyway. It has a cooperative play mode which lets you control three characters simultaneously (Sonic, Tails and Knuckles), and at some parts you need to use two of them (Tails must open a door so Sonic can pass, for example).

There’s a demo video available. It’s a little bit outdated but it can show what the game already has to offer: